Halfway through winter break

As of today, I have officially two weeks left until I return to school. But weirdly, I don't feel that dreadful feeling of having to go back; if anything, I'm kind of excited to go back to school! Maybe it's because it's my first semester, or maybe college is just that awesome. I've still got friends to catch up with and get in touch with while I'm here and of course I'm loving this California sun! But also, I'm excited to be back on campus to see my hallmates, my fellow rowers, and other friends! I'm currently on a determination rush right now -- meaning that I'm excited to start class so I can be diligent and feel accomplished!

College really opens up a person. I can definitely see why people would say college was the best time of their lives, or that they really found themselves during those four years. There's nothing really quite like it. I'm enjoying studying (even with chemistry is kicking my butt!) and planning daily schedules for myself. I really feel like I'm actually getting an education that means something to me and I'm surrounded by people who want the same. We all support each other and encourage each other (while partying together) and it's just a great feeling. But it's really what you make of it which can be a blessing or a curse. So far, it's been a blessing for me. I can only hope that second semester will be better!

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