The Sweetest Things in the World

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The awesome thing about being on summer break - especially right before college - is having no worries on mind other than making sure to hang out enough times with friends and being able to go anywhere anyday of the week! So yesterday, a friend and I went to the beach along with a couple other friends. We spent the day just hanging out in the city walking around, then made our way to the beach to go swimming! I was so worried and anxious in the morning because it was so overcast and cloudy but thank goodness it cleared up to a hot, sunny day perfect for the beach.

When we got there, we probably spent an hour walking around the Farmer's Market; it was just perfect scheduling because I had no idea the Farmer's Market came to Santa Monica on Wednesdays, too! And we found THE most appetizing and sweeet strawberries in the world. Strawberries are my favoritest fruit and these were simply the best of the best. They were small, tiny little things but oh, so packed with the most natural honey and sugar.

The vendor at this stand told us that these strawberries are a certain type called Fragarias and they actually get smaller and they ripen. Fragarias start out the size of a typical strawberry but actually shrink down to the size of my thumb.

I tried one sample strawberry and just could not leave the stand without buying a case. They were just too delicious; it tasted like biting into pure, natural honey, and because they were so small, I ate about half the case in a few minutes. Next time, I am bringing a cooler with me and bringing home several cases of these!

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