The Bridge to Nowhere

So... I went bungee jumping yesterday! Yep yep. Jumped off 100 feet off a bridge called Bridge to Nowhere. What a fascinating, comforting name for a bungee jumping place right?? It was my birthday present and it was totally the best time of my life! I've actually been wanting to go for years and now that I finally turned legal to sign my own liability forms, we were able to go. It was a 5 mile hike there and back which we completely underestimated... The late July 100 degree heat of southern California did not help at all. I've gone on 6 mile hikes with my mom, but this was just another story, since we walked back after bungee jumping at 2pm, aka prime sun time. It helped a little bit that we crossed a river there around 5-6 times so I was able to dunk my feet and cool off a bit!

Let me tell you, jumping off was absolutely terrifying. I was nervous and shaking and freaking out while in line. Once it was my turn to put on the harness, I just obeyed, I couldn't think. When I got hooked on and they told me to put my legs over the bridge onto the platform they had on the other side, my mind was just blank and I didn't even have the time to worry or get nervous. The instructor looked at me, told me to lock eyes with him, then counted down 5-4-3-2-1 Bungee! I jumped. Honest to God, my brain didn't even have time to register what was happening. It took about 2 seconds to feel terrified. I fell a bit in free fall -- I couldn't even get a falling sensation which freaked me out! Then I felt that dropping feeling like in roller coasters. I think I bounced up and down about 4 times, the first time getting SO close to the underside of the bridge!

Overall, it was fun!! I know I said I was super nervous while in line, but all the while, I knew that I was going to enjoy it once I got back around the bridge so that helped me a bit. And it was a lot of fun. I can definitely check that off my bucket list now! Next summer: skydiving! :-)

The bridge was built in 1936 to connect the San Gabriel Valley to Wrightwood but was abandoned in 1938 when a huge flood wiped out the maid road to the bridge. Now, the bridge stands without an end point, hence the name Bridge to Nowhere. It's only accessible by going on the 10 mile round hike we went on yesterday.

The staff of Bungee America was soo helpful and nice!! They helped each and every jumper with nerves, anxiety, anything! They were funny, explained the process to us so well, and just made it a great time for all the jumpers! If you're in the southern California area, go check them out and consider bungee jumping! It really was so much fun. Bungee America!

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