1 Down, 2 to Go

The other weekend, I went out with my friend Christine to a cafe and the LACMA lights. It's a really strange sensation being home from school. When I'm away at college, I feel like that's the only life I have since I'm living on campus, with my friends and hall mates 24/7. Being back home, you get reminded that you have a whole other life with friends from high school, outside extracurriculars, and it all seems like ages ago. I hadn't seen my friend Christine since we graduated from high school but we had never really lost our friendship and it was nice catching up and maintaining that connection.

More than a month of summer break has already gone and I have less than 2 months to go. By now, I expected that I'd be working about half the week, earning the summer expectation I have to pay for school, but I've barely just got hired and I'm still waiting for a work schedule they'll be sending me sometime at the end of the week. Funny how time just seems to slip by and no matter how much I say that I miss my college life and friends, I know I'll be dreading the homework and exams so I should enjoy the next two months. And when I put it like that, it seems like hard work to make a summer a "good" one! Lazy me wants to just Netflix all day, every day, but I know once I'm swamped with work, I'll have so much regret that I didn't go out more often.

It's important to remember every now and then, time doesn't wait for anybody. It's up to me to make the best of it and to make it enjoyable and memorable. I just hope that by the end of summer, I can look back to these pictures and posts and feel fulfilled by a great break.

I've been really wanting to improve the quality of the pictures that I post and while it'll be unrealistic that I'll get a brand new, amazing camera anytime soon, my Galaxy S5 camera has been doing more than enough for now. I recently learned how to use Adobe Lightroom and while I'm still experimenting with the image and vibe I want from my pictures, I'm loving it so far! It's really cool to learn about all the different aspects of photography and editing.

As you can probably tell, I went with a very bright, white, and hipster-esque mood for these set of pictures. I'll keep experimenting but it was quite cloudy when we went to LACMA so I think this coloring turned out well.

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