Photo Diary: To the Bay (read: bae)

With less than a month of classes to go, I am finally posting my pictures from over winter break, when I blew off my money, booked a greyhound, and visited San Francisco! I made a few friends (haha) in college that are from the bay area so up and out I went. I mean, when else do you have this chance to just travel if not during young, college years?

Brace yourself for the storm of pictures.

We started off the day at Market Street, with three-story retail stores galore.

Next stop: Ferry Building

The Financial District, where the sun doesn't reach the ground.

Over to North Beach for some gelato and relaxing. An old Chinese man came up to us with a missionary message; quite an experience.

I found a Banksy!!

A trip to Sutro Baths, an old ruins site when a fire somehow burned a beach.

God's wonders at work.

I'm personally very proud of this one.

Breakfast on the final day by a friend's mom. She is a wonderful cook!
That's all! Thanks for sticking around and scrolling through all of them if you did. SF is such a relaxing, beautiful place and I had such a hard time condensing it all into one blog post! You know when you have such a huge project that you don't even look at it and don't want to touch it? That's what I did for effectively 4 months now. But I finally bit into the elephant of this blog post and here you go- San Francisco from my eyes.

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